Bitgert is a cryptocurrency-creating organization that has recently launched its own blockchain that uses the same name. As a decentralized blockchain-based platform, Bitgert has its native cryptocurrency, called BRISE. 

Bitgert was launched in 2021 as BitRise, on the Binance network. In a short time, it has amassed a great fan following. Bitgert has the fastest transaction processing speed and Zero Gas Fees on transactions. These two features heavily contribute to the popularity of the token. 


The Bitgert Network

The Bitgert network is based on the Binance Smart Chain, which means transactions can occur between multiple cryptocurrencies. Since BRISE is a BEP20 token, it can efficiently function on the Smart Chain. 

Thus, transactions are carried out when the conditions of the smart contracts are fulfilled. After the transaction takes place, there are validator nodes that have to record the transaction to the network. 


Maintaining the Blockchain

Like all other blockchains, Bitgert, too, has its network. To maintain the blockchain, there are miners at work who record and verify each transaction taking place on the network. All this information is recorded in the form of blocks. As a block fills up, another block is created, connected to the previous one. This creates a chain of blocks where the information is stored.

Bitgert is the fastest blockchain network out there. While Bitcoin processes only 4.6 transactions per second and Ethereum processes 15 transactions per second, Bitgert processes 100,000 transactions per second. A block is created every 15 seconds, making it a fast and easily scalable network.

To verify the transactions, miners need to have the appropriate gear. The verification is done by solving complicated maths problems. The validator that solves the question first gets to add the information to the blockchain. But you need extremely powerful computers to be able to mine BRISE coins that can reach the required hashrate. 


Mining Bitgert

Bitgert is a deflationary coin, meaning that the supply of BRISE tokens reduces with time. In addition, Bitgert adopts the buy-back and burn method, so the company burns 5% of the transaction amount it buys back from the network. So, new Bitgert tokens are not created. Thus, mining BRISE tokens is impossible.

But BRISE offers a ‘staking’ feature. You can stake your tokens for a fixed period and get up to 6% BUSD coins as a passive income when you stake the coins for 30 days. The longer you keep your crypto assets, the larger the reward. Up to 80% of the revenue created in the Bitgert ecosystem is given as a reward for staking. 


Bitgert’s Value

At the time of launch, one quadrillion Bitgert tokens were released into the market. But with each transaction on the blockchain, tokens are destroyed due to the buy-back and burn method used to control the token’s value. 

On each transaction, the company buys back tokens worth 5% of its value and burns them. Therefore, the number of BRISE tokens keeps on decreasing as time passes. By creating a shortage of coins in the market, the demand for BRISE increases. As a result, its value increases. 

So, BRISE is a deflationary cryptocurrency, meaning that its value and buying power keeps increasing. 


What is Bitgert?

Bitgert is a decentralized blockchain-based platform developed by the cryptocurrency-creating company of the same name Bitgert. It had been launched as BitRise on the Binance blockchain and was later rebranded as Bitgert. 

What is a BEP20 token? 

A BEP20 token means it follows the standards of the BEP20 token protocol. It is a token on the Binance Smart Chain which enables users to make transactions in various cryptocurrencies.

What makes Bitgert a decentralized network? 

Bitgert has a network of nodes that verify and record each transaction on the network. This implies that there is no central authority to supervise the whole process on Bitgert, which makes it a decentralized network.

Why is Bitgert a store of value coin?

Bitgert is a store of value coin because it is a deflationary coin. As time passes, the value of the token increases, which makes it beneficial to store for future use.

How do I mine BRISE coins?

BRISE coins cannot be mined. One quadrillion coins were created at the time of the launch, and no more tokens can be created.

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