Quick Facts

Approximate Market Cap$401,950,769
Year Established2021
Symbol/Abbreviation BRISE
UtilityStore of value token

Bitgert is a very recent addition to the cryptocurrency market. However, it has completely overtaken the other cryptocurrencies in a short time. As one of the fastest-growing networks globally, Bitgert was initially marketed as BitRise on the Binance blockchain. But soon, it created its own blockchain and renamed the token Bitgert. 

Since it was originally referred to as BitRise, the token is still represented as BRISE on all trading platforms or crypto exchanges. Many features make Bitgert very different from fiat currencies, so you might find Bitgert to be better than traditional money.

What Is Bitgert – Definition

Bitgert is a cryptocurrency-creating organization. They have made their blockchain network and have their own crypto tokens as well. Being a cryptocurrency means that a central authority does not operate Bitgert. It is a digital currency that can be used for various transactions. 

Bitgert allows people to carry out anonymous transactions, like other cryptocurrencies, increasing its popularity. But one of the biggest reasons for its popularity is its ‘Zero Gas Fees’ feature. It is also the fastest cryptocurrency network in the market, which only adds to the charm.

The Bitgert token, BRISE, is a BEP20 token compatible with the Binance network. The BEP-20 feature allows the BRISE to access the Binance Smart Chain, allowing users to exchange the tokens from other networks as quickly as those from the same network. BRISE is similar to traditional currency because you can use it to conduct a wide range of transactions.

You can buy Bitgert coins, sell them, or transfer them to other accounts, like traditional money. Though BRISE doesn’t exist physically, you can mine it with the proper equipment. 

Pros and Cons


  • Decentralized
  • Fast
  • Zero Gas Fees


  • Unreliable
  • Volatile
  • Irreversible

The History

Bitgert was launched in the year 2021. Originally, it was launched on the Binance network as BitRise. Its name was later changed to Bitgert.

Bitgert, the organization behind the cryptocurrency, developed a blockchain and named it Bitgert. BRISE tokens became the native currency of this network. There are planned roadmaps for developing the network, displayed on their homepage.

How Bitgert Works?

The Bitgert token, BRISE, is a BEP20 token. It means that it is compatible with the Binance network. The BEP20 feature allows the token to access the Binance Smart Chain, thus enabling the exchange of tokens from other networks at the same speed as the same network tokens.

You can buy Bitgert coins, sell them or transfer them to other accounts, like traditional money. However, Bitgert supply is limited, so you cannot mine new tokens. 

Advantages and Disadvantages


Decentralization system

Bitgert works on its own blockchain, which indicates that it is a decentralized currency system. There are no third parties to monitor Bitgert transactions. Each transaction is verified by the multiple nodes present in the network. Anyone with mining equipment can verify these transactions and add information to the blockchain. 

Fast transactions

Bitgert is the fastest blockchain network. While Bitcoin can process 4.6 transactions per second and Ethereum processes 15 transactions per second, Bitgert processes 100,000 transactions per second. Bitgert leaves all other networks in the dust with its unmatchable speed.

Transaction fees

Whenever you conduct transactions on a cryptocurrency network, you have to pay a small amount known as a gas fee. These are the payments you have to make to compensate for the computing energy that goes into processing and validating transactions on the network. But with Bitgert, you can forget about gas fees. Bitgert promises zero gas fees on all your crypto transactions.



All institutions carry out audits as a form of assurance. But audits of the Bitgert network are conducted by Bitgert itself. That raises many questions regarding the security and fairness of the network. Moreover, since it is a decentralized system, no authority figure would supervise the manufacturing and functioning of the tokens. 


Just because a cryptocurrency has shown significant growth initially does not mean that it will continue to show growth or be stable. Bitgert is, at the end of the day, a cryptocurrency. Digital currencies are often labeled risky due to their high volatility, and Bitgert is no different. It is not a stablecoin, so its price can be highly volatile and subject to fluctuations. You might have to incur heavy losses if you are not careful.


Since Bitgert uses blockchain technology, a transaction is verified by multiple nodes. Therefore, it is impossible to reverse the transaction once the transaction is recorded. 


The Bitgert network is still being developed. As a result, there can be multiple changes to the protocol in the future, which might be troubling since you don’t know what to expect.

Bitgert in the Global Crypto Market 

Bitgert has a community of more than 131 thousand users, and more than 70 thousand transactions have taken place on the blockchain. Since it is a volatile cryptocurrency, its value keeps on fluctuating. But for the most part, Bitgert has shown a good growth rate. 

The statistics at CoinMarketCap reveal that BRISE has a market cap of $515,962,519.42. It is quite a good figure for a currency that has hardly been in the market for a year. 


What is Bitgert?

Bitgert is a blockchain-based staking platform and a decentralized exchange that has its native cryptocurrency as well. The token is called BRISE because initially, it was branded as BitRise. It is the fastest crypto network and is popular due to its Zero Gas Fees feature. 

Is Bitgert a safe investment?

Bitgert has shown remarkable growth in the little time it has been in the market. It has managed to take over most of the top cryptocurrencies with its rapid growth. Analysts have also predicted a similar growth rate in the future. So, yes, Bitgert is a safe investment.

What is the reason for Bitgert’s popularity?

Bitgert has almost no gas fees on its transactions, making it very popular among new users. Moreover, the transaction speed stands at 100,000 TPS, far higher than any other cryptocurrency.